" /> Stimulating Mexico’s Domestic EV Industry - LM&TH Automóviles

Just a few years ago, Leopoldo Ortiz started LM&TH, Mexico’s only car company producing electric vehicles, with just a few sketches of a concept car. Now, the company manufactures an electric bike, called the E-Raptor, with a range of 60 kilometers on a single charge. And in late 2020, an EV called the Thalia, named for Ortiz’s daughter, is set to hit the streets of Mexico. The Thalia’s prototype weighs about 650 kilograms and is both sporty and affordable with a price of around U.S. $18,500. Its battery can support travel of about 200 km on a single charge, Ortiz said. The car will be made in three different models: the gullwing Thalia City designed for urban driving; the Thalia Funny, a convertible three-seater; and the Thalia Utility, a small two-seater light-duty truck. All three vehicles will be built on a modular chassis and share 80 percent of their components. LM&TH said its goal is to produce 200 Thalias in the first few months of production and plans to increase . «LUBES’N’GREASES»

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