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• Three seats (two forward and one back to the center)
• Fully convertible.
• Option to put on or remove soft awning.
• Side and rear protection nets.
• Option to remove back seat to place and store golf clubs and accessories.
• Can be used on and off golf courses.
• Ideal for tourist or visitor tours.
• Ideal for touring the beaches and surfing practices for having enough space for surfboards / equipment.
• Maximum speed 80 km / hr.
• Latest generation AC 60 KW motors.
• Ultralight of 650 Kg. Using Aluminum-Magnesium Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber.
• Autonomy over 200 km / battery charge.
• Charging Lithium Batteries - 5 to 6 hours.
• Independent and adjustable suspension with “A” type forks.
• Efic-all technology for design with aerospace programs.
• Interbodies technology to change models with the same chassis.
• Digital technology on screen "Touch" for vehicle control.
• 8 year warranty on mechanical auto parts.


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